about me

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and it's satisfying to be able to claim that I now do it for a living. Of all the wonderful experiences I have had the most amazing was when I had the opportunity to assist Rem Koolhaas on his SMLXL book. I was hired to redraw many images that needed to be upgraded for printing as well as create a number of drawings that he had envisioned but not had the chance to realize - until then. As I worked away at my drawing table he would check on my progress now and then by sitting opposite and considering how I was honouring his work with my drawings. His only communication with me was to ask questions until he was assured that I understood the project. At one point he became so excited by my work he declared to the studio "this man is worth his weight in gold" since I had created a drawing of OMA's Kuntshal in Rotterdam that even the design architect couldn't conceive!


Since then I have had the honour of working with some of the top architecture + design firms in Canada, helping to realize numerous visions and dreams. Bringing a strong technical background with a proven design sensibility, I am ready to assist you with your architectural and illustration needs! 


Paul Backewich Architect

Architecture, Design & Illustration